August 1st Education Message

Happy August

This month means back to school for thousands of children in district 96, and I am going to spend the month talking about my plan to improve public education here in North Carolina.

I will talk about how cuts to per-pupil spending have forced teachers to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money, despite their stagnant salaries, on classroom supplies and how outdated technology and textbooks keep our children from being competitive. I’ll highlight the need for teachers aides, nurses, counselors, librarians, and other staff because they make sure that all students have the support they need to succeed. I’ll examine the ways the system overuses standardized tests as the only way to measure comprehension. And finally, I’ll finish the month by addressing school safety. I want to talk about common sense solutions to create an environment for our children to learn without fear: fear from bullies, fear from a school shooter.  We must act NOW to make sure this school year that begins in 27 days is free from violence. Every week this month, I’ll release a video laying out the ways we can make our schools better.  Throughout the week, I’ll share information about how my plan is a vast improvement over the current GOP disaster that my opponent voted for, and I’ll be sure to keep you informed about other things voters need to know before Nov 6th. And, of course, I’ll be pounding the pavement, walking around listening to your concerns and suggestions and, hopefully, earning your vote.

In September, I’ll celebrate Labor Day and spend the month laying out my jobs plan.  In October, I’ll take a look at healthcare.

I am proud of the endorsement I received from the local chapter of the North Carolina Association of Educators, and it is equally important to me that I receive feedback from YOU about my education plan.  I hope that you’ll join my campaign and help me get out the vote so, together, we make real change for every student in North Carolina!

Check back on my website,, and my Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss any of this information about all the issues I care about and to get updates from the campaign, and stay tuned.  Thank you!




Kim Bost